Model Manager

  • C# Unity programmer
  • Gameplay Designer
  • Level Design

In this game you will manage the different modalities of the Rotterdam-Venlo corridor. Business is good in the corridor and the container volumes are expected to increase due to the well performing Dutch and European economy. Your principle role is have a good overview of the network status and to ensure that network capacity is optimally utilized and to minimize delays. This can increase your competitiveness against the German and Belgian freight networks. Many planned and unplanned disruptions to the network could occur and have to be managed efficiently to avoid congestion. You can achieve this together with the LSPs by informing and advising them on the network status and alternatives and controlling the network if required.



Below you can find gifs that are made during development.

Trying out the look and feel of the gameplay:

Trying out the camera zoom


Trying out to how to visualize the cargo on the ship, trains and boats


Trying out a new interface


Trying out some ideas to visualize routes (the colored lines)